Meet Rick and Bonnie.

Lasting time friendships lead to confidence and trust both on and off the course. Rick has been golfing with Ron for decades. A few years ago, they won the 2-man championship, a fun story they both like to share. That relationship on the course has led to a strong friendship at the 19th hole and beyond. When a family estate was passed down to Rick's wife, Bonnie, with it came a tremendous amount of responsibility, family history, and work. When the time came to sell it, thanks to partnership with Ron, the one thing that did not require work from them was selling it. 

If these walls could talk

The historic Sayler Park home had been in Bonnie's family for over 90 years and most recently was owned by Bonnie's cousin, Judy. Judy was an only child, never married, and had lived in the home her entire life. A few years back, Judy moved into nursing care, leaving behind her 2 cats who stayed in the home. Rick and Bonnie visited the home daily to care for the cats for 6 months until they were able to find them a loving new home.  After her dear cousin passed away, Bonnie began the arduous task of clearing out the historic home. While the home was very neat and clean,  the attic was overflowing with "things" and it took 3 months to go through it all.  In all those years, it seemed that Judy had never thrown out a thing, even holding onto a greeting card her parents had given her in her teens. After family members selected personal items, they held an Estate Sale to clear out the remaining items. 

What you said would happen, happened

When it came time to list, Rick did not think twice, he called Ron right away to get the ball rolling. After a quick look around, Ron confirmed that the house was ready to go to market. He suggested aggressive pricing to generate competitive bidding and took in Rick's reaction.

'I kinda thought, "I don't know Ron..." I was scratching my head thinking why not list it higher if we can get more for it?' - Rick

Noting Ron's extensive industry experience, he followed Ron's lead and was truly amazed to see the house sell in just a couple of days, well above ask price. The For Sale sign went up Thursday afternoon and the showings and bids started coming in quickly. All buyers were asked to provide highest and best by noon Saturday. We received 8 offers and it it went exactly as Ron said it would." - Rick 

Teamwork makes the dream work

Shortly after the home was listed, Ron went out of town, leaving Rick and Bonnie in the capable hands of the Team. They had 24 showings within a day (which they were able to track using the Showing Time tool). They appreciated seeing the immediate feedback right away as people walked through the home. Once the offers were in, Michael Kopp, team member, assembled a spreadsheet clarifying each offer and the specifics such as financing, escalations, and different conditions. When Rick had a question and called the office to speak to Ron, Sam Horn got on the phone and offered to help. Rick was impressed that she had all the details; she knew everything that was going on and was able to answer the question immediately.

"She (Sam) was so well versed in what was going on and the process." - Rick

Easing the burden

Sometimes you're not simply selling a home, you're navigating emotional family matters and complex estate work as well. Our team isn't just about buying/selling homes, it's about easing what can be a complicated process for some families too. Compared to the work done before listing the house, Ron made the selling process simple, quick, and straightforward. "It was a HUGE job taking care of Judy. It was a HUGE job cleaning out her closets. It was a HUGE job hiring out the estate sale people. Everything was time consuming. But as soon as we listed with Ron, we were done and showed up at the closing for an hour." -Bonnie

Were there surprises? 

The only surprises were pleasant ones. 

"We spent a half hour looking at the house with Ron. We spent a few minutes filling out the paperwork for the contract. We looked over the offer spreadsheet. We showed up at the closing." - Rick

"After 6 months and all that work and all the emotion for it to be that easy, it was a relief." - Bonnie.

Ready to make a move?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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