Meet Joe and Tim.

Having lived in many places all over the country and traveled the world, Joe and Tim relocated (back) to Cincinnati from the East Coast. Joe accepted a new opportunity with College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Thinking it might be tough to sell their existing home, they weren't even planning to purchase a home in Cincinnati. However, once listed, their home sold in just 5 days. They quickly realized they would need to start their search quickly, they began looking at homes in Cincinnati online. Next up: Find a Realtor to help them navigate the market and find the right house to call home.

Get back (30 years later).

Joe originally attended CCM as a student and thus was familiar with Cincinnati. They connected with friends to learn more about the different neighborhoods, home values, and community life. So much had changed in 30 years, but they were quickly able to pinpoint the Hyde Park/Oakley area as the ideal location for them to live. 

With a little help from our friends.

Knowing they had strong opinions about the kind of home they were looking for, Joe and Tim reached out to friends for a recommendation for a Realtor, someone who would rise to the occasion. A friend recommended they reach out to Anna. They did an initial 20 minute call and in that one conversation, they knew it was a good fit. “We needed someone that would listen to us but also really aggressively look for what we wanted. We wanted someone who was going to be professional and we knew immediately she was going to be that person. “

Call me maybe.

"Communication is important." Joe and Tim really counted on the responsiveness that both Anna and Michael, her assistant, demonstrated every step of the way. In this tight market, they needed to be able to view homes and react quickly with an offer to secure the right home. During COVID restrictions, all the signatures and paperwork were handled electronically and Michael's quick turnaround was invaluable in securing the perfect home. 

Every little thing.

Joe and Tim started out with a broad search of what they were looking for in a home. Anna was thorough in exploring every available property that met those needs. They never felt pressured about what types of properties at which to look at. Together, they partnered to revise the search and narrow in on a key list of wants and Anna was able to figure out what properties met their needs.  

Help! I need somebody.

Moving to Cincinnati involved some environmental things they hadn't experienced before, such as radon inspections. Every city has it's challenges and unique attributes that a Realtor can provide expertise and insight on. Anna provided a list of inspectors and guided them through the inspection process. She was also helpful in prioritizing the things that were important to get resolved. While they are pretty handy and can fix things, some fixes required the support of a professional. "Anna was unbelievable in connecting us with the right professional and continues to be a resource finding professional, quality people to help us even 6 month later."

"We love our house. 

We ended up in the place we were supposed to be."

(looking at the photo below, we're inclined to agree!)

Ready to make a move?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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