Meet The Peters Family.

No boundaries. As their family expanded, the Peters family decided it was time to grow their home as well. While they wanted to remain in Cincinnati and truly enjoyed living in Pleasant Ridge, they widened their search to include a number of communities - from Andersen, to Madeira, to Blue Ash. The challenge - finding a Realtor who was willing to spread their search alongside them. After looking on their own for a few months, they reached out to Stephanie Geiser, a long time family friend. Steph dove into the search right away exclaiming, "No challenge is too big!"

Got your back.

When you're not only selling your existing home, but searching for the next place to call home, working with a Realtor you can TRUST is critical. Throughout the process, the Peters really felt like Steph had their back and wasn't just in it to make a commission. Building rapport is easy when you have experience in the industry. Before getting into personal real estate, Steph worked in commercial real estate and developed a broad array of contacts, especially with her ongoing work with BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association). Listening closely to what the Peters were looking for (a quieter street, more green space, and of course, a bigger home with space for the baby to play), Steph partnered with the Peters to find the right house. "Working with Stephanie was the best part because she's so down to Earth and she understood what we wanted." 

Trusted Partners

"Steph has a guy for everything." Whether it's conducting a home inspection, some basic maintenance in a house to prepare it for sale, or a new roof is needed, knowing who to call is important. Getting the work done in a timely manner is equally important. Our team has a complete list of trusted partners, true professionals we recommend for work you might need completed, whether it's before listing, after inspection, or after you move into your new home. 

Inspection Anxiety.

Selling a 100+ year old home can be anxiety provoking. Stephanie suggested a pre-inspection with one of our trusted partners. The Peters' current home in Pleasant Ridge was 126 years young. While they knew the roof was going to need to be replaced at some point in the future, they simply weren't sure if there were other significant issues that might come up, making it difficult to sell the house. With the new house on the line, they really needed to be sure before listing. Steph recommended they work with the same inspector looking over their new home and have them do a 5-pt inspection on their existing home, just to put their minds at ease. The Peters' advice, "When it comes to inspection, make sure you have somebody who has a good relationship with your Realtor and will do a thorough inspection of both homes (new and existing)."  

Guiding you home.

Once they put an offer on their new home, it was time to sell their existing home in Pleasant Ridge.  Marketing comes into play at this point and most  Realtors list your home on their website, the Cincinnati multiple listing service (MLS), and other real estate websites. However, the way they share the information (photos, words, etc.) can really make all the difference. The Peters were impressed by what they saw, "What I was really surprised about was when she sent it to me, it was like a beautiful story. When I've looked at other sites there's just pictures, and a basic description. But the marketing for our home was telling a story of what you do living in a house. It gave you a real feel for the house." 

Personal attention.

On average, homes in the Cincinnati area are selling in half the time they did in the summer of 2020.  For buyers, this can present some incredible challenges. For Realtors, working with multiple clients, making time to focus on the needs of each client presents even greater challenge (and opportunity). Steph rose to the occasion and when asked if they would work with Steph again, The Peters gave her a ringing endorsement.

"You never felt like you were just one of her clients. You were her number one focus. When we were in the thick of it, we sometimes talked 6 times a day. You can't just get that anywhere." 

"Steph really understood what we were looking for without us even having to say anything."

Ready to make a move?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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